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Children' s Crohn' s Disease: Helping The Child Cope With The Disease

Children' s Crohn' s disease is something that is often very traumatic and taxing on the whole family. Watching the sufferings of their children is very traumatic for parents. You simply cannot gauge who is more in pain, the child who is suffering the physical pain of the disease or the parents who have to witness the struggles of their child.

Managing The Disease

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Children' s Crohn' s disease is often times difficult to manage. There are many things that should be considered when treating children with Crohn' s disease. First, the treatment must be planned in such a way that it will have the least effect on the children' s schooling. Although Children' s Crohn' s disease could become serious at times, there are periods of remission or times when the disease is technically under control. During these times of remission, the children must be allowed to go back to school and live normal lives. Treatments where necessary at these stages must therefore be planned to fit the schooling schedule of the children.

The second consideration when treating Children' s Crohn' s disease is the effect of the treatment on the physical and mental growth of the patient. Children who are exposed to the disease at an early age face the risk of growth retardation as side effects of the drugs that they have taken. Drugs given to the children should always be tailor fitted to their present circumstances such as their weight and their age.

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The third consideration that the physicians and the family of the children with Crohn' s disease should look into seriously is the time when the children should be subjected to surgery. Although there are certain cases of Children' s Crohn' s disease that are so severe that surgery must be performed even though the children are still in their tender years, in cases where the disease can still be managed through drug therapy, surgery should be delayed until such time when the children are older.

Going Through Difficult Times

Children' s Crohn' s disease is something very serious. The recurring pain, the treatments and the frequent trips to the hospital is often too much for the children thus, it is very important to show support and understanding towards them at all times. Parents should always encourage their children who are suffering from this disease to maintain a positive outlook. The children should be made to understand that even though they have Children' s Crohn' s disease that does not mean that they could not live a normal life.

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