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Crohns Disease And Genetics

Crohns Disease Information
Crohn' s Disease Information: No Known Medical Cure Available

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Do You Have A Choice When It Comes To Crohn' s Disease And Genetics?

Crohn' s disease is a chronic condition of the inner layer of the digestive tract, characterized by small areas of ulcers and inflammation and can be found anywhere from the mouth to the anus, most of them found in the small intestine. The entire area however, is not totally affected, as most often there is healthy tissue in between the inflamed and ulcerative places. Crohn' s disease can be extremely painful, but the symptoms can be treatable with medicine, lifestyle changes, diet alterations and surgery. Those experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, and fatigue should consider consulting a physician for possible diagnosis and treatment.

Genetically Predisposed To Crohn' s Disease?

While it seems Crohn' s disease can affect anyone, there are people who are genetically predisposed to the illness, and genetics plays a huge part in Crohn' s disease, there are many things people can do to avoid becoming a victim of Crohn' s disease. While some people say that genetics and Crohn' s disease are not directly related, many others say there tends to be similarities in racial and ethnic types, family history, and other genetic similarities in which people are affected with Crohn' s disease. Six to seven per 1000 people are affected with Crohn' s disease, and it is more common in northern countries, people of Jewish descent, and those who are in their teens and twenties as well as those in their fifties, sixties and seventies. Genetics and Crohn' s disease tend to be directly correlated with heredity, and twins, siblings and children are up to twenty times more likely to be affected. While you may feel that your family and genetics predispose you to Crohn' s disease, there are ways to avoid falling ill by making simple changes to your lifestyle.
Crohns Disease Symptom
Crohn' s Disease Symptom: What You Should Know About The Disease

Crohn' s disease is an inflammation of the intestine of a person. It is named after the .....

Risks For Developing Crohn' s Disease

Diet plays a large part in the development of the disease, and can be a major barrier regardless of the relationship between Crohn' s disease and genetics. A diet full of fatty, fried or refined foods, fiber and spicy or hot foods can make the symptoms of Crohn' s disease unbearable by upsetting the already irritated intestinal system. Staying away from these foods will help keep symptoms of Crohn' s disease at bay by not irritating the stomach. Hot and spicy foods are especially important to stay away from, as they can cause ulcers and sores without the presence of Crohn' s disease. While smoking is not a direct cause of Crohn' s disease, it can increase the risk of the intestinal system flaring up when it is already affected with Crohn' s disease.

If you are concerned about your genetics and Crohn' s disease, it is best to take the aforementioned risk factors into consideration and do your best to avoid them. Avoid smoking, eating foods that are high in fat and extremely spicy or fibrous and paying attention to the possible side effects associated with oral contraceptives. Taking responsibility for your well being can, if Crohn' s disease is unavoidable, slow down the progression and lessen the side effects and symptoms, making your life easier and less painful now or in the future.

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