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Crohns Disease And Genetics
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Crohn' s disease is a chronic condition of the inner layer of the .....
The Crohn' s Disease Foundation Continues Good Work

Crohn' s disease is a disease which causes distress in the gastrointestinal tract. Sufferers experience pain, discomfort and deteriorating health as a result of this digestive disorder. To help find ways to help those people, the Crohn' s disease foundation was established in 1967 by a small group of dedicated individuals with a desire to combat this chronic disease. It has since grown to include chapters around the country, but its mission is the same as it was in the beginning.

This dedicated organization is constantly working to find new ways to treat and manage the disease, hoping one day to find a cure. In addition to treatment, they are studying how the disease starts and how to prevent it so that they can educate the public. If people knew how to prevent the onset of the disease, they could decrease their chances of becoming ill and having to deal with the painful symptoms of the disease. Because there is currently not cure, a diagnosis of crohns disease can be frightening. The Crohn' s disease foundation provides information to educate people on how to deal with the disease and find relief.

A Worldwide Effort

In addition to working diligently in the United States of America, the Crohn' s disease foundation has reached out to organizations around the world for help and support. By sharing information, research, and a common goal, the progress toward a cure is faster. Professionals and volunteers from countries all around the world are working together to provide relief for the suffering of this often debilitating disease. Thanks to its vast reach around the globe, the Crohn' s disease foundation is able to deal personally with a much larger percentage of patients than similar charities for other illnesses. This gives them a real presence in the community, something that people can rely on, as opposed to a far away group of people in an office building somewhere.

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Crohn' s disease is a chronic condition that is often very painful for those .....
The Crohn' s disease foundation relies heavily on donations from individuals and corporations to fund its continuing research because it is a non-profit organization and not government-supported. By sharing its efforts with partners in other countries, the financial burden of research and the development of new treatments is lessened. The cost is distributed among a larger group of people who, although they represent their own organizations in their own countries, share a common goal with the Crohn' s disease foundation.

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