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Acupuncture For Crohns Disease
Acupuncture for Crohn' s Disease: A Mystical Medicine?

Crohn' s disease was once thought of as a serious disease that was treatable only with surgery, but .....
Crohn' s Disease Information: No Known Medical Cure Available

Crohn' s disease information can be obtained from many sources and most sources would define the Crohn' s disease as a chronic inflammatory disease pertaining to the intestines and it primarily causes ulcerations of the intestines, both small and large and may also affect the digestive system starting with the mouth and ending with the anus. Crohn' s disease is so named after the physician who first described it in the year 1932 and has other names that include granulomatous enteritis or colitis, regional enteritis, ileitis and terminal ileitis.

Crohn' s disease information also suggest that it is closely related to ulcerative clitis and together they are referred to as an inflammatory bowel disease for which, as yet, there is no known medical cure. The disease is characterized as being a fluctuating condition that oscillates between periods of inactivity or remission and activity or relapse and are believed to have affected nearly 500,000 to two million people in the US alone. Also, men as well as women are affected by it in equal measure and may usually begin in adolescence as well as early adulthood though it is known to also occur during childhood as well as in advanced aged people.

Causes Of The Disease Are Unknown

Crohns Disease Medication
Medication For Treating Crohn' s Disease

There are currently several medications used for Crohn' s disease treatment, and new ones are coming out all the time. Crohn' s disease is a fairly .....
There are no certain known causes of Crohn' s disease and there is not much supporting Crohn' s disease information though scientists suspect certain bacteria such as strains of mycobacterium to be likely causes of Crohn' s disease. Till the present time, there is no convincing Crohn' s disease information available to certify that it is caused by infections and nor is Crohn' s disease contagious. Crohn' s disease information pertaining to how it is diagnosed reveals that patients having fever, abdominal pain and tenderness, diarrhea or anal diseases may require blood testing in laboratories to find whether there is infection or inflammation as well as divulge whether there is anemia, low blood proteins etc., all of which may point to the presence of Crohn' s disease.

There may also be some Crohn' s disease information available that sheds light on complications of the disease which may be related or unrelated to the inflammation of the intestine and these include obstruction as well as perforation of the small intestine, abscesses, fistulae as well as intestinal bleeding and may require surgery, though such complications are rare occurrences. There are also extra-intestinal complications involving the skin, joints, spine, liver, bile ducts as well as the eyes that may cause painful red raised spots on the leg, in case of skin complications.

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