Crohns Disease

Crohns Disease

Cause Of Crohns Disease
Finding The Cause Of Crohn' s Disease

Since Crohn' s disease began being diagnosed, everyone has been asking the same question: what exactly is the .....
What Your Doctor Knows About Crohn' s Disease

Crohn' s disease was named after Dr. Burril B. Crohn who discovered the disease in 1932 along with his two other colleagues Dr. Leon Ginzburg and Dr. Gordon D. Oppenheimer. Crohn' s disease belongs to the group of illnesses called Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Although patients who have this type of disease may suffer severe discomfort at times, prolonged remission of the disease is common that there are many patients who are able to live normal lives.

What Causes Crohn' s Disease?

According to experts, Crohn' s disease has something to do with the genes of the sufferer. Where there have been cases of the disease in the bloodline of the person, there is a great possibility that that person will also get Crohn' s disease. Another theory espoused by some doctors and scientist id that the reaction of the immune system to the bacteria in the environment causes the disease.

Some doctors and scientists believe that Crohn' s disease is a result in the abnormal function of the immune system. According to studies, most people who have this type of disease are found to have some abnormalities in their immune system. However, there has been no convincing and conclusive proof that the abnormalities in the immune system came before the disease set thus triggering it. Some sectors in the medical arena believe that the abnormality could have been caused by the disease itself and not the other way around. However, the most doctors and scientists agree that Crohn' s disease is not a by-product of physical and mental stress.

Subtypes Of Crohn' s Disease

There are at least five (5) known subtypes of Crohn' s disease. These subtypes are Ileocolitis, Ileitis, gastroduodenal Crohn' s disease, jejunoileitis and Crohn' s granulomatuos colitis. The Ileocolities is the most common form of the disease. In most cases, a patient who is suffering from this type of Crohn' s disease will have symptoms such as intense pain in the abdomen and significant weight loss.
Crohns Disease Medication
Medication For Treating Crohn' s Disease

There are currently several medications used for Crohn' s disease treatment, and new ones .....

Is There A Cure For Crohn' s Disease?

As of now, there is still no known cure for the disease. However, there already some form of treatments, which have been proven to be effective n controlling the symptoms of the disease. These treatments include drug therapy, nutritional therapy and surgery as the case may be. However, for young children, it is recommended that surgery should be delayed until such time when the child is older. Administration of drugs in children should also be done with utmost care to avoid any unwanted side effects.

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