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Natural Remedy For Crohns Disease
Seeking An Alternative Natural Remedy For Crohn' s Disease

While most patients are content with the treatment offered to .....
Choosing A New Treatment For Crohn' s Disease That Works For You

A new treatment for Crohn' s disease is what many people are looking for because their current medications or dietary changes just are not working. Luckily there are many different treatment regimens to choose from so that patients do not have to live in pain or suffer side effects of the disease that are equally painful. The treatment of this disease should be proactive instead of reactive. If patients are finding that their current treatment is not working they are encouraged to get together with their doctor and find a new treatment for Crohn' s disease that will work for them.

Options For A New Treatment For Crohn' s Disease
Teens With Crohns Disease
Children And Teens Suffer From Crohn' s Disease

Crohn' s disease is something that most people only associate with adults, but young children and teens suffer, as .....

There are some very common treatments for Crohn' s disease that may or may not work for each individual. Anti inflammatory drugs are usually the first rounds of treatments and may include medications that contain mesalamine as well as sulfasalazine. Other common medications are Asacol, Dipentum, and Pentasa. Again, some of these drugs work for some and others find that done of the medications help ease their pain or side effects associated with the disease. Cortisone and steroid drugs are also used to treat the disease as well, though these are usually secondary because they cause more side effects.

Many doctors also use immune system suppressants in addition with other drugs. The most commonly prescribed drug of this type is 6-mercaptorine or azathioprine. A new treatment for Crohn' s disease has also become available and is known as Infliximab or Remicade. This is the first group of medications that has been approved to block the human body' s inflammation response and those with the disease have found it very beneficial in the treatment of Crohn' s disease. Many doctors have found combining these medications with other treatments works well for patients that do not respond to other treatment regimens.
Crohns Disease In Teens
Crohn' s Disease In Teens: Making The Best Out Of A Difficult Situation

Crohn' s disease in teens could be one of the most challenging things to cope with both for the .....

The new treatment for Crohn' s disease that everyone has their eye on is Humira. It appears as though the medication will help those that are afflicted live normal lives again. The drug was originally marketed for those that suffered from arthritis, but as with many drugs it appears as though Humira will have more than one use. In addition to this drug it appears that acupuncture is often a good choice as it helps reduce inflammation in some and also reduces stress. It appears as though more treatments are always going to be on the horizon for this disease, and hopefully in the near future there will also be a cure.

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